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GM 98-02 F-Body Oil Pan Kit

GM 98-02 F-Body Oil Pan Kit

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GM's 4th generation f-body oil pan has become a very popular choice for retrofit vehicles. The pan was originally designed for the 1998-02 LS1 Camaro and Firebird/Trans Am, but the hot rodding aftermarket has carried it over to the retrofit market for LS engine swaps!

All parts listed in the kit are new GM items and include the following:

  • GM LS1 Oil Pan # 12628771
  • GM LS1 Oil Dipstick # 12551581
  • GM LS1 Oil Dipstick Tube # 12551577
  • GM LS1 Dipstick Tube Bolt # 11516327
  • GM LS1 Pickup Tube # 12558251
  • GM LS1 Pickup Tube Bolt # 11561025
  • GM LS1 Windage Tray # 12558253
  • GM LS1 Windage Tray Nuts # 11609746


This kit will fit any of the LS-based car and truck engines that are not factory equipped with dry-sump oiling. Windage tray spacers will be required for any applications that are running a longer stroke crankshaft.

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