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BTR 5.3 Hot Rod Camshaft

BTR 5.3 Hot Rod Camshaft

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217/23X, .613/.607, 114 LSA

The 5.3 Hot Rod cam is BTR's newest offering for the guys with 4.8 & 5.3 displacement truck engines. This cam delivers an aggresive idle while maintaining good street manners. It makes slightly less torque down low than our Truck Norris cam yet produces an additional 20+ HP at peak. These newly designed BTR lobes were developed in house and tested on our Spintron and Engine Dyno to achieve the highest overall power curve while also maintaining our strict valvetrain stability and durability standards.


  • Cam Only
  • Cam, .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Steel Retainers, & BTR 7.400" 5/16" Chromoly Pushrods
  • Cam, .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers, & BTR 7.400" 5/16" Chromoly Pushrods

 Ships Direct From BTR 

Testing was done with E85 fuel. Aftermarket torque converter recommended.

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