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BTR Forged Crankshaft

BTR Forged Crankshaft

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BTR's Premium, 4340 Forged Crankshafts are available for the weekend Cars & Coffee crowd or to the Die-hard Grudge racers. Each crank is Core-Hardened using Nitride for improved strength, bearing life and size tolerances held to +/-.0002". BTR has either a 3.622” or 4.000" stroke along with 3 different Reluctor wheel options, including standard factory 24 & 58 tooth wheels, or an upgraded 24 tooth BILLET wheel. A standard wet sump snout and 6-bolt rear flange will allow you to bolt on your factory balancers & flywheels/flexplates or the many aftermarket pieces offered.


- 2.100 rod journal diameter

- .125" radius on both the connecting rod journals and main journals for increased strength

Chamfered oil holes for improved oiling
- Leading edge chamfer and radius on counterweights
- BTR balanced rotating assembles are available!
NOTE: BTR crankshafts require a OEM style, one piece crank gear.
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