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BTR Gen V 230 Camshaft

BTR Gen V 230 Camshaft

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230/24X, .644/.644, 112 LSA, 32% fuel lobe

Introducing the new Gen V 230 LT cam from BTR. Developed in-house using BTR designed lobes,  the new 230 cam is the latest offering in the LT line up which has culminated from extensive in-house Spintron testing, coupled with thorough vetting on our Superflow Engine Dynamometer.

This cam is not for the weak at heart. Intended for use as a MAX EFFORT VVT cam, in combination with aftermarket milled and ported cylinder heads, while using an aftermarket throttle bodY and intake manifold such as our Trinity series intake. Best results when using a 5" cold air intake tube set up.

If you're wanting brutal mid range and top end power, these are this camshaft's shining attributes. We've seen power figures North of  730 hp on our engine dyno in a SBE application when used in conjunction with BTR valve train components.

Higher than stock stall converter and lower gearing* (when applicable) is recommended along with an E85 compatible fuel system.

Ships Direct From BTR

Kit Options:

Camshaft Only w/ 4 Degree Phaser Limiter

Camshaft, BTR .660" Dual LT Spring Kit, BTR 7.850" 11/32" .080" Pushrods and 4 Degree Phaser Limiter


This cam requires fly-cutting when using OEM pistons, but the extra labor is key to obtaining maximum performance from this combination.

NOTE: To take advantage of this grind, it is imperative to utilize VVT control when tuning. A proper calibration with attention to detail in this respect will make this camshaft SHINE! VVT MUST BE LOCKED OUT IN BOOSTED APPLICATIONS!

This camshaft powered the Lonestar Horsepower & Performance Mustang to the first 6 second pass by a Gen V LT powered vehicle in the 1/4 mile!

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