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BTR LS1 Shaft Rocker Kit

BTR LS1 Shaft Rocker Kit

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Before assembly, please check fitment with your aftermarket cylinder head

Performance-minded engine builders know there is an inherent issue with valve train deflection when using stock rocker arm mounting in Chevrolet Gen III-IV-cylinder heads. The new BTR shaft rocker system significantly reduces that deflection thereby improving performance and durability. This kit features technology typically only found in high-end shaft rocker systems. The shaft rocker system consists of a billet steel stand equipped with four shafts per cylinder head, fasteners and bearings. The shafts are made from genuine 52100 bearing steel. Each pair of rockers has five fasteners mounting them to the rocker stand compared to the traditional single bolt per rocker configuration. During the development of this system, both aluminum and steel stands were tested - steel reigned supreme.


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