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Cam Motion Lil' Lope LS Camshaft

Cam Motion Lil' Lope LS Camshaft

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High Performance & Off-Road

Duration at .050: 216/224
108 Lobe Center Angle with a 105 Intake Centerline
Lift with 1.7 Rocker Arm Ratio: .553"/.553"

Recommended Displacement: 4.8-6.0 Liter Engines
Cylinder Heads: Cathedral or Rectangle Port
Recommended Compression Ratio: 9.4-10.5:1
Recommended Headers: OEM Exhaust Manifolds, 1 5/8" or 1 3/4" headers
Recommended Stall Converter: 2800-3600
Recommended Rear Axle Ratio: 3.42-4.10

*This camshaft is compatible with all intake manifold styles in their proper application.

The Lil' Lope LS Hotrod & Off-Road Truck Camshaft is a versatile camshaft with a defined "lope" at idle that was created for applications ranging from hotrods and streetrods to heavy vehicles and pickup trucks that want a torquey performance style camshaft. In a hotrod or off-road truck, the Lil' Lope will have the lopey idle that enthusiast want while still having a modest RPM range. In a heavy car or pickup truck the Lil' Lope will produce the torque needed to get the weight moving while still having that performance cam sound that many enthusiast desire. The Lil' Lope will work great with both cathedral port (LS1) and rectangle port (LS3/L99/L92) cylinder heads. It can be used with all intake manifold styles from the stock plastic intakes to carbureted single and dual plane intake manifolds. This camshaft will work in a stock engine, but will realize substantial performance increases when used with headers, high flow exhaust and high flow intake systems and increased rear axle ratios. Increased stall speed torque converter required.

The Lil' Lope cam is designed with our renowned smooth cam lobe design that provides quiet valve train operation and excellent upper rpm stability. 5150 Core

Recommended Accessories: (Not Included)
•Cam Motion .570" Behive Valve Springs or the OEM "blue" 12499224 valve spring
•Cam Motion 5/16" .080" Wall Hardened Chromoly Pushrods

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