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GPI LLT2 Low Lift LS Truck Camshaft

GPI LLT2 Low Lift LS Truck Camshaft

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Cam Specs:21x/22x .54x/.54x 112+4

The LLT2 camshaft was designed for the individual that wants the maximum potential power without dramatically sacrificing low end torque.  Offers stable idle, excellent low end torque (2,250 rpm and up), and smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation and longevity. We designed this cam for use in trucks with minimal modifications.This cam does not require an upgraded torque converter or exhaust, although a converter is recommended – specifically on 5.3L trucks.

Cam Kit Options:

  1. Camshaft Only
  2. Camshaft & Beehive Valve Springs


We recommend replace your valve seals while installing new springs, use part number TRP-HS-16.

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