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GPI LS3 SS4 Camshaft

GPI LS3 SS4 Camshaft

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236/252 .646/.637 113+4

All out performance application. Very street able, requires 4000 plus converter, prefers 3.91 to 4.10 gearing and requires no flycutting. Track tested and developed 10 second cam with heads and supporting mods. Strong to 7200 rpm. Specifically designed to clear on stock heads and gaskets with no milling.

Cam Kit Options:

  1. Camshaft Only
  2. Camshaft, BTR .660 Dual Valve Spring Kit & GPI 5/16" 7.425" .080" Pushrods
  3. Camshaft, BTR .660 Dual Valve Spring Kit, GPI 5/16" 7.425" .080" Pushrods & 3-Bolt Cam Conversion Kit w/ ARP Cam Bolts and 58X Four Pole Cam Gear

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