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TRP 07-13 6.0/6.2 Truck DOD/AFM Delete Kit w/ NON-DOD Cam

TRP 07-13 6.0/6.2 Truck DOD/AFM Delete Kit w/ NON-DOD Cam

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DOD/AFM Delete Kit Includes:

  • GM DOD Delete Single Bolt Camshaft 12626660
  • TRP 6.0/6.2 MLS Head Gasket Set TRP10046
  • Non-DOD Valley Cover (comes with gasket and bolts) 12598832
  • GM LS Lifter Trays x4 12595365
  • Your Choice of Lifters
  • TRP 04+ Head Bolt Set TRP00568
  • GM Crank Bolt 12557840
  • TRP MLS Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set TRP17944
  • TRP LS Timing Cover Gasket TRP33904
  • TRP Valve Cover Gasket Set TRP12045
  • TRP Water Pump Gasket Set TRP30223
  • GM Camshaft Retainer Thrust Plate 12589016

Cam Specs:

196/208 .467"/.479" 116 LSA


  1. If you are removing VVT and using this DOD kit, use part number TRP-1B-VVT-KIT.
  2. After installation of this kit, AFM/DOD must be disabled inside the computer. If you do not want to take your vehicle to a tuner we offer a plug and play Range Technologies Disabler, Part Number RA003R, RA003G or RA003B.
  3. This kit does not include oil pump, timing components or intake gaskets.
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