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TRP Gen V L86 LT1 6.2 14-18 DOD Delete Kit

TRP Gen V L86 LT1 6.2 14-18 DOD Delete Kit

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DOD Kit Includes:

  • LT1/L86 Non-DOD Camshaft (Optional, must select in drop down menu to receive) 
  • TRP L86/LT1 MLS Head Gasket Set TRP88943
  • GM Lifter Trays - Set of 4 12595365
  • Delphi Non-DOD Lifter Set of 16 
  • GM/TRP Head Bolt Set 11546959 (19pcs) & 11611976 (1pc)
  • GM Crank Bolt 11547372
  • TRP Exhaust Manifold Gaskets TRP57093
  • TRP Valley Cover Gasket TRP23104
  • GM Valve Cover Gasket Set 12619787
  • TRP Crank Damper Seal TRP34614
  • GM Water Pump Gasket Set 2512066
  • GM Camshaft Retainer Plate 12589016
  • TRP DOD Tower Block Off Plugs
  • ACDelco RTV Sealant


  • It is required to get your ECU recalibrated after installation of this kit.
  • Due to part availability, we do not include a new cam phaser bolt, it is recommended to be replaced. 
  • If you choose "None" on camshaft option, you will need to replace the camshaft with a non-dod cam in order to complete the DOD conversion. Your stock cam will NOT work.
  • This kit WILL NOT work for 14+ 2500HD with the 6.0 engine. Please see the 07-13 kits for this vehicle.
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