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TSP 233/239 .600"/.600" 112 LSA Camshaft

TSP 233/239 .600"/.600" 112 LSA Camshaft

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The 233/239 camshaft is a very popular camshaft for customers wanting a very street able 5.7/6.0 camshaft that makes approximately 5-7 more horsepower than our TorquerV2 camshaft. Dyno testing has shown the 233/239 camshaft to make a solid 50-55rwhp gains.  The 233/239 camshaft is large enough that we recommend a 3200+ stall converter in automatic cars. Tuning will also be required in both automatic & manual applications.

Cam Specs: 233/239 .600/.600 112 LSA


  • Cam Only
  • Cam, .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers, & TSP 7.400" 5/16" Chromoly Pushrods

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