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TSP 5.3 L83 Stage 3 V2 Camshaft

TSP 5.3 L83 Stage 3 V2 Camshaft

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222/236 .610"/.610" 113 LSA, 110 ICL w/ +10% Fuel Lobe


The Texas Speed & Performance L83V2-Stg3 camshaft is our newest version of our already popular L83 camshaft lineup. We were able to redesign the lobes for less lift and more power than our previous version. Not only will the new version be easier on the valve springs but the valvetrain noise will be much quieter too! This camshaft is a great choice for the enthusiast looking for maximum horsepower and a Hard Chop! Due to the nature of this cam it will require an aftermarket torque converter. It does not retain the factory AFM/DOD functionality that deactivates cylinders, so a DOD/AFM delete kit will be needed.

  • Engines best suited for: Gen V 5.3L L83
  • Desired Compression ratio for cam: Stock
  • Aftermarket Stall Converter Required: 2800-3000+ stall recommended 
  • Upgraded Rear Gear Required: No
  • Operating RPM Range: 1800-6400
  • Power Increase: Under testing it gained 71hp and 21ft/lbs of torque at the crank 
  • Drivability: Good drivability with a very noticeable chop at idle!
  • Phaser Lockout Required: Yes

Cam Kit Options:

TSP Camshaft Only

TSP Camshaft - TSP .660 Valve Spring Set w/ Seals - TSP 3/8" 7.850" Pushrod Set - Phaser Lockout and Tool

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