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TSP H-Beam Rod and JE L83 Drop In Piston Combo - No Balance w/ L83 Crank

TSP H-Beam Rod and JE L83 Drop In Piston Combo - No Balance w/ L83 Crank

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The JE pistons are direct drop in for the 5.3 L83 and require no balancing when used with our TSP H-Beam Rods and stock GM L83 crank.

**Once installed, oil squirter clearance must be checked and adjusted accordingly**

  • 3.780" Bore
  • 1.300" CH
  • 3.622" Stroke
  • .927" Wrist Pin
  • Flat Top (Exhaust Valve Relief for VVT)

Rod Bearings and File Fit Ringset Included!

The Texas Speed H-Beam Rods are made using heat treated and stress relieved 4340 Steel and undergoes a very detailed machining process to ensure maximum strength and reliability.

Each TSP Rod are torqued and re-torqued during the machining process. During manufacture, our rods are initially torqued and rough honed. The bolts are removed, and the rod & cap are then separated allowing the release of residual stress. The rods are then reassembled and re-torqued for final honing. This assures that the rod will still be round when you install it in an engine. Our Super H-Beam rods are rated for upwards of 900 flywheel HP.

All TSP Rods include L19 Rod bolts for Maximum Clamping force.

Blocks utilizing piston oil squirters may require some clearancing.

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