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TSP LS3 N/A Stage 4 F-35 Camshaft

TSP LS3 N/A Stage 4 F-35 Camshaft

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Cam Specs235/248 .649/615 111 LSA, 109.5 ICL

The Stage 4 235/248 camshaft is the perfect choice for customers wanting the MOST powerful camshaft available that still offers adequate piston-to-valve clearance on a stock short-block.  This camshaft is designed for all-out power and shows gains over the stock camshaft beginning at 3,100 RPM.  The cam will pull really hard from 4,500 RPM up to the 6,600 RPM HP peak.  This camshaft makes 93 flywheel HP more than the factory LS3 camshaft!  We recommend a minimum stall speed of 3,600 RPM for this camshaft in auto-equipped vehicles for streetability, but it would benefit at the track from a 4,000+ RPM stall speed. This cam is designed for LS2/L76/LS3 engines using L92/LS3 rectangle port cylinder heads! 

  • Engines best suited for: 6.0, 6.2 (Equipped with Rectangular Port Heads)
  • Desired Compression ratio for cam: 10.5:1 +
  • Aftermarket Stall Converter Required: Yes. At least 3600 
  • Upgraded Rear Gear Required: Minimum of 3.42 is optimal.
  • Operating RPM Range: 2000-7000
  • Estimated Power Increase: Gains of 93 Horsepower and 27 Ft. Pounds of Torque
  • Drivability: Not recommended for a daily driver but it can be done with good adequate tuning. More of a weekend warrior street/strip cam.


  • Cam Only
  • Cam, .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers, & TSP 7.400" 5/16" Chromoly Pushrods 

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