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TSP LT1 Stage 1 V2 Camshaft

TSP LT1 Stage 1 V2 Camshaft

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222/236 .610"/.610" 113 LSA, 109 ICL w/ +32% Fuel Lobe

The Texas Speed & Performance LT1 Stage 1 V2 camshaft is a great choice for the enthusiast looking for an additional jump in horsepower without sacrificing drivability. It will have a nice lope at idle but nothing too aggressive. It does not retain the factory AFM/DOD functionality that deactivates cylinders, so a DOD/AFM delete kit will be needed. We recommend that the VVT be locked out by means of a phaser lockout kit for all of our TSP LT camshafts.

All LT V2 camshafts will come standard with our +32% fuel lobe. The +32% fuel lobe will require the use of a lash cap, so please make sure that you install one during the camshaft installation! (Do not use lash cap with LT4 fuel pump)


  • Engines best suited for: LT1 6.2L
  • Desired Compression ratio for cam: Stock
  • Aftermarket Stall Converter Required: No, Factory converter friendly!
  • Upgraded Rear Gear Required: No
  • Operating RPM Range: 2400-6800
  • Power Increase: 89hp and 18ft/lbs (Gains) 580HP/523TQ (Total)
  • Drivability: Good drivability with a decent lope at idle!
  • Phaser Lockout Required: Yes

All of our TSP LT1 camshafts were designed on our SuperFlow 902 engine dyno using an otherwise stock 6.2L LT1 engine. We design and test many different camshafts before selecting the camshafts that we offer to our customers. This provides us with a distinct advantage of offering the best power curve possible without sacrificing overall performance, as well as knowing that what we offer is also safe and will not have any piston-to-valve clearance issues. We test our products before we sell them, so you KNOW that you are purchasing a camshaft that is proven!

Cam Kit Options:

TSP Camshaft Only

TSP Camshaft - TSP .660 Dual Valve Spring Set w/ Seals - TSP 3/8" 7.850" Pushrod Set - Phaser Lockout and Tool

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