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BTR LSA/PDS Stage 3 Torque V2 Camshaft

BTR LSA/PDS Stage 3 Torque V2 Camshaft

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226/25X .636"/.636" 112.5 LSA


The V2 PDS Stage 3 Torque camshaft was designed for those customers wanting good low to mid rpm range torque, without sacrificing top end horsepower. This cam has a slightly more aggressive idle than before, yet still provides good drivability. This cam works well with stock long blocks and stock or ported blowers, and also works well using up to a 150 shot of nitrous.

These new BTR lobe designs were Spintron and Engine Dyno tested to achieve the highest overall power curve while also maintaining strict valvetrain stability and durability standards.

E85 fuel is highly recommended.


  • Cam Only
  • Cam, .660" Dual Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers - BTR 7.400" 5/16" .080" Chromoly Pushrods

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