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LS1 LS2 LS6 Rocker Arms w/ BTR Trunnion Kit Installed

LS1 LS2 LS6 Rocker Arms w/ BTR Trunnion Kit Installed

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These GM replacement rocker arms with BTR trunnions installed are an easy alternative for customers who don't have rocker arms or don't have the tools required to install a trunnion kit in their factory rocker arms. Information about the trunnions used in these GM replacement rocker arms are as follows:

The TK001 rocker trunnion is an excellent upgrade for your stock LS rocker arms. The TK001 utilizes high quality components to improve reliability and performance in your application by eliminating failure prone, limited travel factory bearings. 

The TK002 trunnion builds on the success and knowledge we gained with our TK001. The TK002 features a trunnion with pre-installed inner race bearings. The TK001 trunnions have stood up to an enormous amount of abuse, but we decided to upgrade them to a pressed inner race comprised of 52100 heat treated bearing steel, over the more commonly used 8620 carburized steel found in our TK001 kits and many OEM applications. Additionally, these feature a self oiling axle with priority feeding to the trunnion itself.

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