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Melling 10355 LS Oil Pump

Melling 10355 LS Oil Pump

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The factory LS oil pump suffers from cavitation above 6,200 RPM, which results in a drop in oil flow of nearly 1 GPM by 7,000 RPM. This cavitation can also aerate the oil, which causes drops in oil pressure and can result in oil starvation. This is why it's not recommend to shift any higher than 6,200 RPM with a stock engine. Engines that run at RPM's above 6,200 should use an upgraded Melling pump to prevent these issues.

The Melling 10355 pump is an excellent upgrade for the factory GM high-flow oil pump (part # 12612289). These pumps flow 33% more fluid than most standard LS pumps and Melling M295 pumps to accommodate Active Fuel Management (AFM), also known as Displacement On Demand (DOD). This pump tops out at about 9.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The additional oil volume can improve engine lubrication, and is considered a suitable performance upgrade for LS engines still using AFM/DOD, with larger capacity oil pans (6+ quarts).

The pump also includes a stiffer pressure relief spring, which increases the maximum system oil pressure by 10%. This higher maximum pressure can help negate drops in oil pressure caused by the addition of an oil cooler setup. The oil pressure relief spring can be swapped out and a stock rate spring is also included with the pump.
This pump is suitable for LS and Vortec powered vehicles with Variable Valve Timing (VVT).

This pump is suitable for engines that feature Active Fuel Management (AFM) and large capacity oil pans (6+ quarts). Engines without AFM/DOD should use a lower flow pump. See Melling part numbers M295, 10295, or 10296.

Features and Benefits

  • 9.5 GPM maximum flow for a 33% increase in volumetric flow over most factory LS engine oil pumps and Melling M295 pumps
  • Includes a stiffer bypass spring for a 10% maximum oil pressure increase over the factory LS oil pump, factory specification oil pressure spring also included
  • Compatible with LS and Vortec engines featuring VVT
  • Cast aluminum housing, CNC-machined and hard anodized
  • Iron cover, CNC-machined and phosphate coated
  • Compatible with factory GM oil pickup tubes/screens


  • GM LS and Vortec engines that feature AFM/DOD including:
    • Vortec 5300 LS4, LH6, LC9, LMG, LY5, LH9
    • Vortec 6000 LC8, L76, L77, LZ1
    • Vortec 6200 L92, L94, L94, L99
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